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High Vacuum Rotary Joints with ferrofluid seal.

A Ferrofluid-seal provides a hermetic seal under both static and dynamic conditions against gas, vapor and other contaminants. Leakage rates are in the region of 10-11 [He] mbar l s1.


Universal characteristic of the most of the rotary joints from VacSol

Vacuum pressure 10-8mbar
Overpressure (special design) <30 bar
Helium leakage rate 10-11mbar l s-1
Temperature range: uncooled, standad ferrofluid 0 – 80°C
Temperature range: uncooled, special ferrofluid 0 – 150°C
Speed (special design) >30 000 rpm
Gas compatibility inert and other gases depending on temperature partial pressure
Housing material austenitic stainless steel
Shaft material martensitic stainless steel

Magnetic fluids

  • hydrocarbon based - mostly used standard fluid
  • fluorocarbon based - for sealing aggressive gas, suitable at higher temperatures
  • ester based - low drag torque
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