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Air Pollution Controll

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Extracting stale and polluted air and introducing fresh air, filtered where necessary.
Ventilation is overall when the requirement concerns the entire site building. Ventilation is localised when the objective is to trap pollution (fumes/smoke, heat, oil spray, etc.) directly at the emission source, to avoid propagation within the workshop. These systems improve both working conditions and personnel safety. They also increase productivity and the quality of the products manufactured (cooling of mechanical parts, ambient overpressure in buildings, etc.).

Natural and Economical Air Conditioning

A reliable, cost-effective and simple to operate solution. The principle has been used for centuries, Delta Neu Air Conditioning is based on the cool feeling one gets when close to large areas of water, or fountains, during periods of particularly hot weather. Hot air from the outside passes through a medium that is kept humid, which causes the water to evaporate and thus cools the air by simple heat exchange. Thus, the air supply to the workshops is both filtered and cooled.


Paper, metal, carton, plastic, fabric, computer trims, etc. This technique allows waste to be directly extracted into an evacuation system. If necessary, the waste is shredded before being transferred, through a pipe system, to the Air-Material separator, filtering and Air recycling system.
The waste is then received and handled as a function of type, quantity or recycling criteria. In some cases, the material recovered can be reused in another production cycle.


For all types of dust (non-fibrous, fibrous, cohesive, explosive, hygroscopic, etc.).

  • Filtering media are designed for each application and each type of dust, etc.
  • Automatic or semi-automatic cleaning systems,
  • Filtering surfaces suitable for the airflow treated,
  • Acid gases neutralising systems by injecting reagent.

Centralised Vacuum Cleaning System

The solution for cleaning floors, machines and production tools, for declassifying certain ATEX zones, and to directly remove dust and swarf/chips from portable tools, etc, by vacuum suction.


Oil spray, fumes from machines, controlled dust levels, etc.
  • Filtering of oil spray generated by machine-tools
  • Filtering of fumes from electroerosion machines, using a technique of adsorption by zeolite powder deposited on filter cartridges
  • Controlled dust levels in packing line containment chambers
  • Nuclear filtering, etc.

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