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Noise and dust control plants for steel works and casting house

ECO-D Environmental Systems for Industry Srl

Lärm- und  StaubkontrolleMission
Eco-D designs and supplies high technology system sto prevent air pollution, reduce environmental hazard and protect workers health.

The company profile
Eco-D is a company qualified in the construction of plants that prevent and treat air, noise water and waste pollution.
Eco-D provide its customers with a full range of services, from t engineering, equipment supply and assembly, to the plant start up and commissioning on a turn key base.

Noise- and Dust control

Main activity areas

  • Air pollution control during steel process
  • Noise pollution control in industrial plants
  • Emission monitoring systems
  • Industrial water treatment
  • Municipal solid waste sorting / recycling
  • Energy saving process control techniques


Noise and dust control plants for electric steel works
Hoods and ducts both simple wall as well as “pipe-to-pipe” type – Natural and forced air draft coolers, spray towers – Vertical and axial cyclones – Pulse jet and reverse air bag filters – Dust handling systems, both mechanical and pneumatic – Dust pelletizers – Fans – Control / Exclusion dampers – Additive feeding systems – Plant automation and supervision systems – Noise enclosures for electrical arc furnaces – Fans/motors/ filters enclosures for noise reduction.


Noise- and Dust control    Noise- and Dust control    Noise- and Dust control  

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