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How we can save you money

We offer a range of technologies which improve process performance, reduce energy consumption and ease maintenance. Typical systems save between 10% and 25% of energy costs.

Condensing Heat Recovery

Recovering waste energy, offsetting the use of carbon fuels and reducing CO2 emissions.

Condex Condensing economizer systems
  • Recovering most of the remaining energy in your exhaust stack to use instead of burning more fuel.
  • Generating water from the air that can be used in the boiler or on site.
  • Reducing operational costs and improving the bottom line

Modular Construction
The modular construction of the Condex system means that multiple heat exchangers can be contained in one unit providing optimum heat recovery and delivery to suit your site. Maximum recovery, minimum fuss.

Innovative Solutions
High energy recovery from the existing stack means low temperatures and different materials for our stacks, this one is made from fibreglass. Innovative solutions driving great projects.

Optimised for Energy Efficiency
Getting every last kWh of energy from your fuel is where the Condex condensing economizer
design starts. Converting both latent and sensible energy from the process or boiler exhaust provides large amounts of energy that can be used in the boiler house or across your site to offset regular fuel costs.

Engineered for excellence
Condensing exhaust gasses recovers the large amount of latent heat trapped in the exhaust gas as it exits the boiler or process and it is the release of this energy that provides such high levels of energy reduction.

Designed to save a fortune
Each Condex system is designed and configured specifically for the site it works on, matching energy sources with site requirements to achieve the optimum in energy reduction and efficiency. offsetting the use of carbon fuels and reducing CO2 and NOx


The Technology Explained

EnergierückgewinnungEnergy Recovery
The hot water, generated from recovering both the latent and sensible heat in the exhaust, is then used to pre-heat hot water users on site. The simplest systems can use this heat to preheat boiler make-up water, offset steam use to the deareator
and increase boiler feed water temperatures and that’s before any other users are considered outside the boiler house.

The Process
Condex techHot exhaust gas is sucked from the existing site flue or flues and into the condensing heat exchanger. Cooler water in one or more streams is then passed through the heat exchanger tubes transferring heat to the water and
removing heat from the exhaust.

The Condex design of economiser combines both sensible and latent heat recovery making it hugely more efficient than most economisers. Most economisers are designed to only recover the sensible heat which generally only equates to between 4 and 6 percent of the energy consumed. The Condex design however enables the collection of energy below the dew point. This means that all the latent energy released during the condensing phase of cooling is also captured raising the potential energy recovered to over 10 percent and often to between 15 and 20 percent of the total energy consumed. A 20 percent energy saving to your fuel bill will really give you something to smile about.
Green House Gasses (GHG’s) are also reduced in large proportion, in part due to the increase in energy efficiency, but also due to the condensing nature of the economiser,
reducing both CO2 and NOx.
Engineering the Condex condensing economiser to be custom built and ready for shipping, provides for simple installation leaving only pipework, ducting and local electrical connections to be made once on site..


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